What is your least favorite STORE.

  1. Mine is walmart. I HATE that place. Its so crazy in that place, and dirty. I have gotten stuff that had DUST on it....:throwup: I used to make my mom drive to the next town so i could go to target :yes: and i swear a different "breed" of people seems to be in walmart.....

    I also hate those country chritsmas typestores.... I dont know how to describe them but they sell crafty looking xmas stuff all year around and usually have a strong smell. I always somehow get dragged to them, espessially by my mother and I will actually sit outside with all of the husbands who also got dragged to it hahaha. And to make it worse my mother or whoever I am with will always ask me if I like something 1. I dont like or celebrate christmas (besides amusing my family by showing up at a get together with gifts) and 2. my style is very contemporary which is the total opposite of that kind of stuff.
  2. One of my pet peeves is shopping for greeting cards. So put me in a Hallmark store and I might as well have descended into hell, LOL.
  3. I'm not a walmart fan either. I totally agree about it being disorganized and dirty.

    I'd say Walmart I guess...


    Some days I hate Cosco but mostly because once my husband is in there it's so had to get him out...
    how many hours can a girl spend in Costco.
  4. I love to shop anywhere and everywhere, and don't stick to a particular place. Not many stores I could say I hated! However, it is a bit upsetting if a big retail store puts little local shops out of business. That is something that bothers me.
  5. I really dont like those stores that sell things like the crystals and those rocks with crystals in them and insense and all that stuff...like native american stores i guess? NOTHING AT ALL against native americans, it's just that those stores really bore me.
  6. Walmart!!! I'd much rather shop at Target or Meijer and spend a few extra bucks. I can't stand the parking, the people, and I agree with you that it is dirty.
  7. I really don't like Old Navy and Aeropostale. I don't know why.. I just don't like them. And Hot Topic.. it's just not me LOL and the salespeople look at me weird.
  8. I hate Old Navy and Aeropostale too, liz!
    I also hate Hot Topic, Spencers, etc. All those goth stores. :yucky:

    Walmart is probably another store I refuse to go into. The bad quality just drives me insane. ITA about the "breed" of people who shop at Walmart. That's funny :smile:
  9. ugh I hate those too. I think its a result that my mother would drag me in there as a kid and spend HOURS trying to pick out a damn card. I also dont quite get the greeting card thing and think its a waste of money.
  10. Wallmart, HotTopic, Marshalls, Spencers, to name a few!
  11. I actually used to like hottopic way back when it first came out and they sold decent quality clothes and styles and before they "sold out" bands. My friends and I call hottopic the "grim reaper of music" because once they get their hands on a band they ruin them (like MTV IMO)and there is no turning back. Its happened to so many of my favorite bands and even a whole music scene I was really into....yeah I could write a book on it haha :cursing:
  12. I'm definitely with you on Walmart! As soon as I get in the parking lot I can feel my blood pressure rising. And people always seem to be total idiots about shopping there, taking up entire aisles to talk to people and things like that. I will pay more just so I don't have to shop there, even though it means going to a separate grocery store (plus I'm just not going to eat produce from Walmart). Thankfully we have a Target right across the street from our Walmart... now THAT is a store I love!
  13. haha my mom came up with that comment one day. Its just how we describe the people who frequent walmart...because they are somehow....different...:wtf:
  14. ITA on walmart produce...
    and I love target too! Its cleaner, better people, and their stuff is just better quality and they carry alot of brands that walmart doesnt.
  15. <---for some reason, I'm repulsed by the GAP.....