What is your lazy day bag?


Sep 26, 2013
My Speedy is sort of my lazy day bag, but not completely since it is a top-handled bag. When I feel lazy, I just want to swing a completely carefree bag over my shoulder, go to the park or to the beach, lie down on the ground or the grass, and be rough to my bag. But I have yet found one yet..

I used to have the Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Hobo bag. It was a very very nice bag and I used it a lot, but it went out of shape after a season (looked drappy and ugly when not full enough). Its size is a little too small for my preference too.

I want a hobo with size like the Portobello but in leather finish. The size of the Empriente Artsy is good but the leather is embossed with logos so I am not sure.

What is your lazy day bag? It doesn't have to be by LV. I need ideas!
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i luv bags
Oct 1, 2008
I have a few actually. I have a couple of tods bags whose leather is tough enough for me not to have to baby it. I also have a black prada nylon which gets thrown around. For quick casual lazy days, there's my Eva... :smile:


Jul 27, 2013
My first choice is my mono NF. However, if watching soccer, mud, and weather are involved, my all weather red leather Dooney Kristin Tote is my go to girl. Huge capacity, great quality, and very very forgiving.

Minty Candies

Jul 13, 2011
My lazy bag used to be a Gucci guccissima half moon bamboo ring hobo that I carried everywhere until I gave it to my sister. It was super comfy and easy to wear on the shoulder. Now I take my DE Speedy B 25 whenever I wanna go casual. It's carefree, lightweight and I've got the option of wearing it with the strap. Perfect bag!