What is your latest OBSESSION?

  1. What is your latest obsession that is not purse related?

    Mine is the technomarine watch:yes: :heart: :love: :rolleyes:
  2. Not latest but been crazy looking for new shoes lately.
  3. Nothing. Just bags. Their my only addiction.
  4. Make-up - it's my second addition.
  5. same here. i love to try new things. i'm still looking for a really good mascara.
  6. i'd say PF
  7. Hockey...I've always been a fan but lately I've been a little obsessed with it. It seems like all I've been doing lately is watching the playoffs. I'm totally depressed that the Flames lost in the first round. :sad:
  8. Does logging into PF on the internet count as an obsession???
  9. I have no other obsession lately except PF.
  10. Louboutins!!
  11. omg mine is too :rolleyes:.......i was actually just talking to my mother about it today (and i'm sososossosooso upset i passed on the bargain one that was in the MP), but i'm scrounging together the money little by little (meaning no more bags for me for awhile) to be able to afford a small white one :yes:
  12. The Balenciaga Weekender :heart:.
  13. bags. it's my new obsession. i used to have an obsession w/ jeans and i've always owned a lot of shoes.
  14. makeup and purses
  15. I :heart: lipgloss lately:yes: