What is your last Hermes purchase?

  1. Thank you Monique 1004. Yeh I figured out, initially I thought they were talking about the leather ones
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  2. Finally these babies are mine :biggrin: I had an eye on these for a very long time, but my size were sold out online and my boutique had the last pair on hold for someone else. It has been three weeks and I was about to give up on looking then who would've thought the person never went in to pick them up (YAS) So I rushed to see my SA yesterday and got them. Yay!!! Also I really recommend these sole protectors from Daiso(if you're from Australia), they are anti slippery and help to prevent your soles from being heavily damaged. :smile:
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    On a recent trip to U.K., couldn't help but pick out a few items along the way.


    First, a bride de gala twilly

    Kelly dog exotic

    Followed by IMG_1500193172.084704.jpg

    Lastly, a cute bi-color horseshoe charm to go with my bag.


    Thanks for letting me share!
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    Love everything. Great choices =) I wanted that twilly but they're all sold out in my boutique =(
  5. IMG_1500195307.929477.jpg

    My first CDC!! It's in Gris Asphalt RGHW
  6. Bought end of June, just used them, and they are so comfortable!
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  7. Thanks! The twillys are hit and miss. Some stores still had quite a few colors. Good luck fining yours!!
  8. Thank you for the reply floflo. I bought the one with blue hearts and orange pink cw. They still had quite a bit left in my boutique at the time, I should've bought more =(
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  9. Latest haul from H IMG_1500224885.442325.jpg IMG_1500224914.298813.jpg
  10. (Sorry...had to edit because photos are showing out of order!)


    Quick mini-haul from Vegas. Both stores (Crystal and Bellagio) were very nice and helped me extensively.

    I bought my first CGSM from the Bellagio location. Neither location had a full inventory (they said they sold a lot of CGSM since it's so cold in the casinos).
    They didn't have any fall patterns I liked. This one is technically from SS17, but seemed very fall to me. Plus, I have beige, navy, and burgundy wool winter coats so this will get lots of fall and winter use.

    I also bought new Twilly scarves from the Crystal location. Both locations had a few to choose from (but not as much as my home store).

    I did see someone being offered a bag at the Bellagio. She was wearing a Kelly Sellier. I didn't ask for a bag since I just bought my B30 last month....plus I didn't want to be tempted in a color I didn't plan for (I have a very specific wish list). Both stores are about the same size but worth checking out.

    IMG_1500230354.548665.jpg IMG_1500230370.982343.jpg IMG_1500230467.975153.jpg IMG_1500230487.490447.jpg IMG_1500230532.593042.jpg IMG_1500230549.727989.jpg IMG_1500230641.934709.jpg IMG_1500230721.716791.jpg
  11. Agh...I can't fix my post
  12. Great mini haul babe! Do you remember the bag offer to the customer? Going to Vegas at the end of the month! TY
  13. Didn't see it. It was in the back and still in dust cover. Others were viewing normal bags in the front.
  14. Nice haul =) I love the color of your B
  15. Love H china! This is one of my favorite prints. Do you know if it's dishwasher safe? As much as I appreciate fancy dishware and china, I do not do hand wash for anything, not even H haha.
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