What is your last Hermes purchase?

  1. Reveal of my HG!
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  2. The print will come with other colorway for other countries. I'm sure the other cws are nice too
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    Thanks lovely!

    This is a black beauty :smile:
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  4. Very beautiful! Enjoy in good health!
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  5. Love these! I actually dont see this colour as often wish there were more mod shots of them as i had the opportunity to buy in this colour but online through H website overseas and just wasnt sure how they would look so I hesitated
    Congrats! And Special order bag too?
    Super congrats! Cannot go wrong with a black H bag~
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  7. Was it difficult to find these? I heard they sold out months ago but I have been considering asking my SA to track them down!
  8. This is so "wow" I like the natural scene to find on the 2nd, 3rd.... view again and again a new animals behind a tree and so on.:heart::heart::heart:
  9. This color go so fast!

    I got mine at Zurich Airport, the only branch I saw with it and they only had 2 sizes left. I checked Dubai airport the same day and the SA said, they had it but sold so fast. This color was at the European H website a couple of weeks back but now gone.

    They are very comfortable and nice to take to the beach!
  10. That's what I was thinking as well! I was eyeing either the black or nude but I'm sure those are long gone. I really want a pair of H sandals but would be too nervous to wear Orans to the beach or pool for fear of ruining the leather.
  11. The color is fantastic! I see online that resellers are selling them almost twice the actual cost so the demand must be huge.
  12. The black is still available at the European websites! And knowing H on how they rotate the availability of things, I'm not sure when it will be up again. The pavot color only lasted a week or so.
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  13. Yes it is special order with black exterior and GM interior
    Thank you, there will be other colorways available elsewhere but not the same as Canada
  14. These are very very bright IRL IMO. I returned a pair to H.com and would love the black. My SA said they were super comfortable.
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