What is your last Hermes purchase?

  1. Haha, well I am getting closer and closer. However I put a down payment on a pair of WG frivole earrings that I ultimately didn't purchase so I have a bit of wiggle room. One more purchase allowed (haven't figured out what yet), and then I'm taking the first boat out to that dreaded island. :yucky:
  2. What made you decide against the WG frivolous? In any case, I am likely on the same boat as you. At least we will keep each other company!
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  3. Both in my fave colours! Beautiful!
  4. Oh the frivoles - such a difficult decision. I really loved the WG but when they arrived I realized YG looks better on me in these earrings. So I decided to wait until my 45 birthday next year, and will treat myself to the YG/Pave, haha not a bad trade :biggrin:. Something to look forward to when I get off ban island :smile:) Well, you did well with your Jige, it is just stunning , worth the ban :lol:
  5. [​IMG]

    Found this at Chicago Hermes yesterday! So happy!
  6. My craze for silver continues. Adding earrings to my farandole collection: long necklace, earrings and cuff (not pictured).

  7. Which size necklace did you get?
  8. I got 120 cm. It's so versatile!! I thought I wanted the 80cm but I am glad that I decided to go with 120cm. Also, I can wrap the 120 my wrist as a very chunky statement bracelet but not the 80 due to the size of my wrist.
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  9. Would love to see modeling pics! I'll need to try it on to see what size works best for me.
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  10. Definitely try and play around with it. I like 80cm a lot as well. Lol. I had a modeling pic posted in the hermes in action thread. Will try to take another photo when I wear it next ;)
  11. I second modeling pictures! I really am on the fence on this and can use all the enabling I can get!
  12. Lol same here. Which sizes are you considering?
  13. Chaîne d'Ancre Pavot Jelly sandals. :smile:
  14. This is in my reveal but here again
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