What is your last Hermes purchase?

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  1. Lovely scarf! I was so entranced I had to show DH thinking he might like it for his small scarf collex! But will have to wait for US to get it.
    Congrats @cuselover ! Dont you hate when they do that! ;)

    Beautiful color C! Congrats!

    Thank you @Serva1 !! Honored to be your twin, esp the hat! It's hard to find the right straw hat imo (I have several) and this one I think strikes a good balance between casual/dressy!
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  2. Omg congrats! Is this the 18 or 24? Modeling pics please!
  3. Love everything especially the compact kelly. Hope I can find one soon.
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  4. Reading up this looong thread and just made it to your post with the lovely Touareg Isthme - and the wonderful lizzies of course :smile: I am in love with the Touareg silver and have got the Touareg Kelly Cadena. However, I am so surprised you found the pendant in a shop now, I thought they were gone a long time ago. Can you share where you got it - in a PM perhaps?
  5. Wow..is rose tyrien coming back? And rose shocking color too?? I love H pinks.. lovely!
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  6. IMG_1497632789.556392.jpg IMG_1497632802.167974.jpg
  7. Thanks
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  8. Thanks!! I can't wait to see it live.
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  9. Just bought my second jige - this one is in Gold. The contrast stitching gives it a fun, casual feel. Great for summer/daytime!

    Pictured with my Jige in Noir.
    IMG_7384.JPG IMG_7386.JPG
  10. Both are gorgeous!
  11. Absolutely love this gold jige!! Is this swift? Im on the hunt for this!! Congrats!
  12. Thank you!

    It is! I saw it over the weekend on the Canadian H website and snapped it up instantly. Funny story: for some reason this flagged my card's theft prevention/protection feature, but I didn't want to lose the Jige while sorting it out with the bank. So I ended up using my husband's card. Someone is going to get a lovely surprise...oops ;)
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  13. Oh my goodness, you found this on the Canadian website? Wow good job, I would have snatched that up in a heartbeat as well. You beat me to it :smile: Congratulations!!
  14. Crazy, isn't it?!! Are you off ban island since your VCA spree?
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