What is your last Hermes purchase?

  1. Wow, that's insanely fast! You have an amazing SA.
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  2. I'm literally in love too! After just a day with her today I'm so ready to sell all my B35's as i love the size and ease of use of the 30 so much more. And this color-it's everything I had hoped for! I know now it's 30's all the way for me.
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  3. I know what you mean!! I had gotten a b35 in my grail color last May and sold it within one year...soooooo heavy
    Im waiting on a b25 now though but have a feeling 30s will always be my favorites!
  4. Would you believe I am more drawn to this bag than even my SO in ostrich!!!!!
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  5. Gorjussssss!!! Is your K in Blue Atoll???
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  6. I can believe it!! It's been my dream bag for so long I can't quite believe it's mine. This color is just :loveeyes:
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    Congratulations to you both!!! Malachite is my HG and love every time I see people post photos. Enjoy!
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  8. Yes, its Blue Atoll
  9. That is a beautiful sweet color. Is it stamp A by the way? I am just curious if Atoll is still available and being offered. Thank you.
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  10. Yes, it's stamp A. My store only gets 1 K and 1 B in Blue Atoll. I have not seen BA in slg.
  11. Please post some modeling pictures with this beauty :heart:
  12. Wow! Stunning and so beautiful! Congratulations
  13. Latest additions to the family
    K32 Togo in Cuivre GHW
    Drag Double Tour in Cuivre GHW

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  14. Craie with rose gold hardware :heart:
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  15. So pretty!!:heart:
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