What is your last Hermes purchase?

  1. totally agree
  2. IMG_1961.JPG My second Jige. Blue Agate. ❤❤❤❤
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  3. Stopped by the new SF temp location on Saturday and was helped by a lovely SA. Scored a blue electrique(sp?) mini kelly dog and a twilly

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  4. IMG_1492548498.233108.jpg IMG_1492548518.168266.jpg IMG_1492548530.232014.jpg
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  8. IMG_1492615827.519565.jpg

    Sharing my new B from my home store. Finally I got to have a B30 before my bday next next week.
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  9. Gorgeous!! Is this blue agate? So in love with this color!
  10. I love the charms. Did you just pick this up from the store as well? My Home store SA told me they don't carry this any more.
  11. No, they're tiffany & co. Its actually a bracelet with accumulated charms. It became too heavy for me to wear already as such that's why I use it as a bag charm instead.
  12. Yes it is blue agate
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  13. After got offered many Bs and Ks. Finally, this Kelly and Jige have my :heart: and come home with me. Thanks for letting me share:smile:
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  14. I see. It look gorgeous on the B!!