What is your last Hermes purchase?

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  1. lovely purchases marina, we are belt twin, such cheerful color combo:love:
  2. ldldb,
    Your birdie could seriously cause heart attack, it's breathtakingly beautiful, i come back to drool over it again and again......



  3. Love your SO! Can't wait to see your modeling pics!
  4. Uh-MAZ-ing bags, everyone! Hermes Only, you need to help me design my next SO. Your taste is excellent! That's a combo I would never have thought of, and it's absolutely chic and subtle and terrific.
  5. MAJOR congrats !!! A headturner, for sure! Enjoy, my dear, this bag is stunning!
  6. Thanks you!!!! I just need to go back to store and make some more holes. They did not have my size, I had to buy a bigger size
  7. I got lost for a minute!! Whom I am kidding??? I got lost for hours, no days!! Absolutely breathtaker!, Traffic stopper! Love, love and 10000000 times more love!!!
  8. No words can describe how lovely this combo came out and how perfectly it will be on your arm!!! Congrats on such a stunning Kelly!!!! Another outstanding bag for your unique and stunning collection!!!!
  9. My bleu électrique croc kelly wallet with ghw as promised :smile:
  10. Stunning!
  11. O.M.G ...It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congrats - I'm totally drooling,
  12. 7th heaven. What stitching did you choose?
  13. Very dreamy
  14. WOW what a beautiful wallet!!

    thanks bagalogist, i have to keep pinching myself, too!
  15. Beautiful!! Congratulations!
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Not open for further replies.