What is your last Hermes purchase?

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  1. Oh my..WOW! The scales are sooo perfect and TDF!
    Congrats xo
  2. Suzie, here is another photo. I was trying to be artistic and attempted to make this look like a picture from Le Monde d' Hermes :p

    I love the scales on this Constance. I have several H Por Croc bags and this is one of the most uniform I've seen.

  3. :smile: Thanks! Yeah am really happy with the scales Minismurf. I am so picky about proportions and balance, so this one made me happy!
  4. Absolutely gorgeous :love:

  5. Ah, my new purchase is not has gorgeous as this, just a little old belt:smile:
    Belt hermes.jpg
  6. ^^ Lol, Archygirl! Dear, I think your belt is beautiful!!! :hugs:
    I too want to have this classic piece one day, can't wear black, but if I manage to find in Gold or Etoupe..:love:
    Congrats for your lovely find!!
  7. Thanks so much!! I hope you find one soon. Only took me 1.5 years
  8. There you gooo agaaaaain being all gorgeous and stuff :nuts:
    I love the way you tricked out the J too!!!! That carmencita is such a sweet touch!

  9. Leah, what a beauty!
    Congrats and lucky you to own such a perfect H Constance.

  10. archygirl, your "little old belt" is one of my go-to H items.
    Everyone should own this H belt, it's a classic.
  11. Nice porosus Leah, I :heart: poro!

  12. Absolutely Stunning! Is this black? On my screen, it looks likes like a beautiful dark green. :biggrin:
  13. Thank you, it truly is gorgeous.
  14. This is just so divine! Congrats!
  15. But it is gorgeous, and it might have taken 1.5 years, but you'll love it forever.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.