What is your last Hermes purchase?

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  1. The perfect travel bag! Functional and chic! :heart:
  2. Beautiful! Enjoy this lovely Victoria :smile:
  3. simple and humble Graff Twilly in Bois de Violet/Bois de Rose/Bleu
  4. Bleu Cobalt/Bleu Jean Dogon combined to go with my BC Kelly. Big, big thank you to my wonderful SA. This is the first SA I have ever had who looks out for things for me and I feel very lucky.


    Pre owned white/BJ Picotin MM. Waiting to go in for the snip to be converted to Pico lock!


    Pre owned Black Sellier Kelly 32. 14 years old and immaculate. This was a genuine "ex-husband bought this for me and when I look at the bag it reminds me of how much I want to smash his face in" find. Made a new friend of the lady selling it and got a lovely bag too.

  5. A new special order FUNK hat in black Dearskin from Motsch at the Hermes George V.
  6. Fabulous hat. Love to see what outfit you wear with it.
  7. Thank you very much! I will have to do some modeling shots when it gets cooler here;)
  8. Fabulous find Cheapfrillnorth! Love everything but the Black Kelly is the best in my eyes especially because of the story behind it. :lol: Congrats!
  9. Had not seen the GRAFF twillys yet! Nice!!!!
  10. Love the three new sisters. What a perfect trio. Love how they each came to you. Cheering from here!
    Well done!
  11. Love this. Have been eyeing this exact style but in a pavios silk pattern.
    Wish I had your style to pull off such a wonderful hat. Looking forward to action shots.
  12. Oh, luv the Graff twillies, I hope we get them soon!

    The H Funk Hat, best ever design, I wish I had a hat head lol !!!
  13. Thank you!
    Beautiful new additions!
    What a great accessory!
  14. Fabulous watch!
  15. Hello there, this is my first real foray into this thread and I can't believe I missed it. The watch looks very stylish and what I love about this style is the numbers are actually big enough for me to see without reaching for specs all the time. Most of my non H watches are decorative and rarely have the correct time as I can't read the face!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.