What is your last Hermes purchase?

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  1. Fresh from H Paris, here is my new Constance with the most perfect scales :smile:
    I had my initials monogrammed discreetly on the straps :smile:

  2. You are right!!:faint:Delicate, beautiful, lovely scales!:biggrin:Congrats Leah!! Wear in the best of health!!:flowers:
  3. Julide :hugs:
  4. I have this combo too and it is my first as well and I felt awkward cos gold is rather outstanding. But you will get used to the bling after a while. Wear a black shirt with jeans and wear it. The feel will be better. For more opinions check out the Ode to thread there are many CDC lovers there who will support you and share ways to wear. :smile:
  5. Black and gold is a classic combo and very sought-after; I would say keep it! But ultimately, the most important thing is that you will wear and enjoy it. Follow your heart.
  6. We are twins in that etoupe 34, now I finally know how to wear in without opening the flap everytime I want to use it.

    I have the mini bookmark in blue lin :smile:
  7. Beautiful......
  8. Amazing!! Congrats!!
  9. WoW!! your constance is so gorgeous!! congrats!
  10. Oh Leah, she is just divine!!! Would love to see more pics when you get a moment.
  11. Amazing!!!! Congrats, Leah! :catlick:
  12. Wonderful, just wonderful.

    Hermès is one of the few companies that can take a luxurious, practically sumptuous material such as this and keep it from sliding into *bling* territory by sticking to the relative severity of their design.
  13. Very astute observation! It's true, the simplicity of the lines makes even the brightest color or most luxurious skin "work." :tup:
  14. That is Amazing Leah!! It's absolutely perfect scales! I'd love to see more shots when you get a chance!
  15. Oh Dear MrParker..it's the most classic combo for CDC and ghw is rather hard to come by! It was my first as well and I was actually looking for phw instead of ghw. But it has certainly grown on me from the very first wear and I've never looked back! Please ck out the clubhouse for some ideas..And congrats on your beautiful cdc!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.