What is your last Hermes purchase?

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  1. Continued from here.
  2. First!

    A lovely slice of Etain Togo. To be revealed in due time :smile:

  3. Definitely post pics, pls. :smile:
  4. Congrats on that beautiful Ghillies! That is such a statement maker and you certainly are so lucky to get this.
  5. Waiting ... :smile:
  6. Me too!! Waiting!! :popcorn:

  7. Vigee, Not too late to offer my congrats on your ghillies i hope!
  8. I ordered my "starter" Hermès bag recently, a 40 cm HAC in black clemence/palladium. Can't wait...
  9. 40cm graphite phw birkin

  10. Congratulations!! :yahoo::woohoo: Please do post some pics when you get the bags. Thank you.

  11. Major congrats! Pics please!
  12. Thanks begforbag, yes i have a posted a few pics in the main thread :smile:
  13. Thanks vigeeleburn :smile:
  14. Constance reversible belt with gold H buckle...been dying for one for a while. Photos to come
  15. congratulations. where did you find this rare thing?
Thread Status:
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