what is your last hermes purchase?

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  1. thanks very much, Beachtime!

    the wonders of heels, Loves! thanks!

    i have a gray cat too! thanks!

    thanks Cr1stalangel! so happy to have taken the plunge!
  2. I have been so busy ... I feel bad not commenting individually on everyone's beautiful buys, so I will give a general shout out and congratulations to everyone on their fab H scores!
  3. Wee, I bought my first Hermes scarf. Am I on a ban? Hahaha . Post pics later
  4. I doubt whether you're on a ban, fufu...more like the beginning of a very long and happy spree:smile:
  5. Kelly Ado (the larger size, 26?) in Raisin Box :cloud9:
  6. Ohhhohohoho! Can't wait to see which one you picked! :biggrin:
  7. That sounds lovely! Appreciate if you can share some pictures for us to drool over please. :biggrin:
  8. Lovely! Karo GM in Bougainvillier chèvre mysore is my must-have item.
  9. Big congrats! Love the color of your boots wear them well!!!!
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    Some recent purchases:

    Ceintures et Liens

    Tendresse Féline

    Affranchie silver ring and bracelet/cuff
    P4020339.JPG P4020345.JPG silver.jpg
  11. xiangxiang0731 i love your ring!!
    Mind telling me how much you got it for? I only have a CDC silver ring so far, unfortunatelly my store doesnt order a lot of silver rings.. So most likely i'll need to put downpayment and order it..
    I love it!! Looks gorgeous on you! Congrats!!
  12. Lovely purchases ^_^ I bought the exact same scarf as you, scarf twins ^_^
  13. :drinkup::ghi5: Scarf twins!!
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