what is your last hermes purchase?

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  1. :balloon:Thank you kaka, lulilu and Jadeite :flowers: !

    Fabulous purchases everyone....super congrats :yahoo:!

    mishaagui, lovely mousseline GM..goes well with your black kelly.
    be-ware, pretty scarves...good choice!
    robee, bougainvillea...my favourite colour at the moment... a happy colour isn't it?
    ArchMaMa....love pop colours especially in SLG!
  2. Red over-board............:yahoo::yahoo:
    P1200975a.jpg P1200979a.jpg
  3. Wow Archmama i really like the reds you've got there!
  4. wow...great purchases everyone esp the reds!...my fav colour!
  5. Pretty!! Archmama, Red Rules!

  6. thanks everybody! this is my first pop of colours, really like it:biggrin:
  7. This looks to me to be Rouge Garrance Epsom. Lovely colour! :smile:

  8. Love all your H goodies Robee! Now I really want a bright colored bag!:biggrin:
  9. Thank you LIBRADIAMONDS! I'm in:love: with mousseline
  10. Lovely RED purchases from Robee & Archmama :nuts:
  11. be- ware - congrats on your HenV and EL globe trotter! that is a very beautiful scarf (EL)
  12. bags to die for, great haul! love the orans on you
    archmama, all lovely!
    robee that E is gorgeous in bougainvillea, congrats and love those chubby legs
  13. LOL @ jeszica

    archmama love your reds!
  14. Thank you kind ladies.....Libradiamond, Jadeite, Jaszica, Chijireta, mishaagui, be_ware and loves.

    And a special thank you to Ms Piggy on the colour and leather ID. I'm terrible with the names......
    Would you be so kind to help me ID these other reds......I'm not sure if I remember them correctly anymore:thinking::wondering..........really appreciate it!
    P1200881cropped.jpg P1200817small.jpg P1200829small.jpg P1200744small.jpg
  15. ^The Birkin is Rouge H in clemence
    The Plume also looks to me like Rouge H in togo leather
    The gorgeous kelly is also Rouge H in Box leather.

    Lovely collection!
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Not open for further replies.