What is your heat set to?

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  1. We keep our heat on 69(odd number, I know!), and it is perfect for me. I dont like it too warm in the house because I like to snuggle up with blankets plus SO and I are usually in our robes, or long sleeve and pant PJ's.
    But, I went over to the In-Laws today, and their heat was on 80!! I was sooooo friggin hot. I turned it down to 75 while we were there and I was still really warm, but wasnt sweating like I was before, and they started to complain about how cold it was! So, who cares about us-my FIL goes and turns it back up to 80, instead of putting on some dang clothes(he was walking around in his shorts and no shirt..eww)!! But thats another subject for the Family forum lmao!

    So, it got me thinking...what do YOU have your heat set to?
  2. I'm in freezing cold Indiana...and we're set at 63. Hubby hates heat....I usually try to sneak it up to 66 or so when he's not looking!!!
  3. 76 or 78 degrees when I'm home by myself, but my DH always turns it back down to 75.
  4. It's almost off all day while everyone's at school/work. Once we're home it's on 75 for a bit to warm up @ first but then back down to like 65-70.
  5. I usually set it around 72 in the daytime and around 69 during bedtime.
  6. Well, we were trying to keep it at a steady 68, but I got too cold (and was BUNDLED UP!), so I turned it up to 70 degrees during the day and 68 during the night. During the summer, we set the AC to 76 or 78.
  7. I'm ALWAYS cold...I always have a sweater or blanket over me in my apartment. We have it set at 71....I'm a wuss....
  8. We don't have a thermostat! We heat our house with a wood stove. It is so nice and warm. Right now the thermometer next to the computer says it's 72. If it's super cold I pile on the wood and turn it up. We use the wood from our orchard, so it doesn't cost us a thing. My DH would like to put in a system so that we can better circulate the heat (we use fans) and for the filtration. The wood makes it dusty in our house.
  9. between 68-72.
  10. during the day it's at 66, but at night I set it at around 70 (because my kids like to kick their covers off and I get paranoid they are cold.
  11. So far its been at 72 degrees. Thats not bad for us. Every year my husband and I go thru this: he turns it up, I turn it down. Its been pretty comfy at 72 though.
  12. Usually around 68, it's still a bit chilly there, but I have a space heater on myself at all times anyways.
  13. no heat for me! yayyy florida :yahoo:

    but we keep our AC at either 71 or 72, we like it chilly
  14. I have mine set somewhere between 75-80 degrees. It's cold here!!
  15. I'm in the Uk but have it on 20, think ours may be different!