What is Your Greatest Fashion Challenge?

  1. Mine is lint. I don't know what it is about my dark clothes. I can leave the house wearing a dark brown or black pants that are 100% lint-free, but within hours, if not minutes, I look down, and have to go hide in a bathroom stall with one of those sticky tape on a roller things.

    I don't know if it is air pollution, pollen, or what, but whatever it is, it seeems to always make a beeline for any dark clothing that I happen to be wearing. And if there happens to be a pet within a half-mile radius, and that pet happens to have hair, that hair will take an Express Route to my black pants.

    And if I pet the pet, it's good night Susie. I might as well call the pants Fur Enhanced and forget it.

    Is there some basic household tip knowledge that I have somehow missed out on all these years, some open secret trick that everybody else in the world knows?

    Or has everybody else in the world conspired to cause all lint to come take up residence on MY clothes, and leave theirs alone? :confused1:
  2. my hair

    i refuse to use products. so often it's a natural look that at work is like, NO no no.


    and i'd say another thing is picking one style. whatever i see, i like, i buy, regardless if it's punk like, girly, or classic, as long as it looks good on me and it's something that catches my eyes.

    unfortunately a lot of stuff do

    i have yet to find my "style" or at least i have one too many.
  3. Shimmapuff, I know you think you are special, but I have news for you---not all the pet hair and lint comes straight to you. If you don't believe me, take a look in my closet sometime!

    Well...mostly it's pet hair....
  4. my biggest fashion challenge is getting stuck in a rut/overcoming my fashion laziness. in all the pictures taken of me in the last year or two i am wearing jeans, danskos and either a hooded sweatshirt or a black fitted tee. on teeshirt days i look fine but i should accessorize. sweatshirt days....well, let's just say i should buy more sweaters. :smile:
  5. My biggest fashion challenge is dressing DH for his business trips. Trying to purchase clothes for him that are suitcase friendly.....:flowers:
  6. Mine is stilettos. My boyfriends has a thing for them and I can't bear the pain. But I make the effort at times and wear them. I've fallen twice already...not cool...
  7. Make-up! Anything beyond foundation, mascara and lipgloss I am totally confused by. For example I have no idea how to apply eyeshadow or eyeliner etc to make it look good. I'm also never able to do my make-up to match what I'm wearing, and I never know what to do to make it look better suited for going out/evening wear. However I think it's probably because I don't really care enough about it to learn, I'm happy to go out make-up free or with very little on.
  8. At BF's house, cat hair.

    At my place, matching clothing well.
  9. Nothing wrong with this, personally I like the foundation, mascara, blush and lip gloss. Its natural and I love natural. There is nothing more horrifying than a women who has over done it on the make-up.:flowers:
  10. Money.;)
  11. keeping shoes looking good. i'm really hard on the heels and working downtown doesn't help. running out to get lunch is sometimes a killer on my shoes
  12. I agree with the pet hair, specifically cat hair.

    I pretty much have mostly black pants for my job (I probably have over 15 pairs, but they match everything.) I use lint rollers all the time and it never fails, as soon I a roll myself, my cats come over and rub all over me.

    This is something that I'm used to, I've grown up around cats and we had two long hair indoor cats growing up, so I've learned that it's a never ending battle.

    However this is the first time that my husband has ever lived with indoor cats and he flips about the cat hair.
  13. Keeping my closet full of enough of the right clothes and shoes in good condition, that fit well, and that I actually wear. It's a constant exercise in maintenance. I am always re-evaluating to see what item I need to build and improve on what I have, or sending something off to the tailor, or to be re-heeled etc.

    Basically, I've had to come to terms with the fact that if I want to look good, I can never really think of myself as "finished" with crafting and maintaining my closet. So my challenge is to get over that and just enjoy the ride. :smile:

  14. :biggrin: Me too!

    Finding pants that fit perfectly. They just don't exist!

    I also have issues with dry cleaning and ironing. I'm lazy and things just pile up.
  15. Me Three!!:hysteric: