What Is Your Greatest Extravagance ?

  1. What is your greatest extravagance ?
  2. Good question Pradasmeadow.

    1.) Traveling
    2.) Nice restaurants
    3.) Handbags
  3. The people around me.
    My pets.
    My Family.

    ( I hope these count)

    basically My greatest extravagance is what other people CAN'T buy.
  4. Handbags.. and computers, lots and lots of computers.
  5. bags, hands down
    and maybe shoes :graucho:
  6. Maybe shoes ? You have quite the fierce collection, definitely shoes ! :P
  7. 1. education
    2. health care
    3. anything related to fashion (cough: bags)

    edit: I know the list sounds weird.. but I never think twice about money when it comes to paying tuition or visiting the doctors... I just pay them.
  8. Family, health, purses & undergarments...That word sound grannish!
  9. Purses, Watches and Fine dining.
    What more do I need? LOL!
  10. Handbags! It's the only thing I'm crazy enough to spend this kind of money on.
  11. I love champagne! GOOD CHAMPAGNE!!!!
  12. My phone.. it is glued to my hand. But that extravagance makes it easy for me to talk to my family and Vlad... so it is well worth it :heart:

    But seriously, clothes :shame: Just ask Vlad...
  13. Probably entertainment -- going out for food and drinks, and vacations.

    I used to think that I was extravagent with my clothes....but then I joined this forum and saw what true extravagence looks like, hehe. Manolas, D & G, Chanel, etc... Used to think I was extravagent with handbags too...but again, this forum has made me re-evaluate that!!

    P.S. Jeans! I forgot about my jeans. Prices on those designer labels are pretty crazy. But it's funny b/c I'll wear a pair of citizens or true religions with an Express shirt that cost thirty-nine bucks:smile: Clearly, the money in that outfit is going to the pants.
  14. Honestly, my greatest extravagance is having my time to myself. I left work and a good living at 48 when my husband retired. I sometimes miss the income but wouldn't trade the time.

    My biggest pleasure is my son and having given him everything he needs -- and now, we have three more years of grad school coming up --

    My one major extravagance was a painting by Richard Miller -- an American Impressionist -- but it has risen in value so turned out to be a good investment. Other than that all my extravagances are small -- good coffee and a great espresso maker, lots of great paint brushes, art books, and occasional bags and jeans. . .

    Not much into restaurants or travel -- would rather cook myself, stay at home, read a book, paint, see a movie . . . .
  15. Handbags and designer jeans . My designer jeans addiction started not so long ago.