What is your grail bag?

  1. I have read a lot about grail scarves.....what is your grail bag?:flowers:
  2. white shiny croc b. but that is impossible to get
  3. ^^Maybe for now...But I'm sure one day H will allow white shiny croc b. for you Lilach :yes: !
    My Grail is a Matte Rouge H Croc Birkin with PH...
    But I'm always confident with H :yes: !
  4. Gold Birkin 35 with PH and a black croc Kelly (any size).
  5. Rouge H 35 Kelly
  6. I hope one day, Hermes will find the perfect croc skin and make a white shiny croc for you.

    My grail is a Shiny Beige Rose or Ficelle Croc Birkin. I don't even want it now. Only in 2011.
  7. Short term grail: Black box Birkin PH
    Future grail: Black shiny croc Birkin PH :wlae:
  8. MrsS nice grail bag!
    My grail bag is a black box 35 GH with a mastercraftsman's stamp on it...& a L in a square, how lovely would that be.....failing which a black matte croc 35 PH will do too!
  9. That's extremely specific, medusa! 2011 is my 10th wedding anni. DH had already said yes to it last year. Let's see how tricky it's going to be to get one! My SA said it's hard enough to get a light coloured croc, and yet I wanted to specify the year of making ... and she thought I was 'mad'. LOL!
  10. Keep your fingers crossed! Last year (or perhaps the year before) Hermes seemed to have managed to get a good supply of perfect poro skins and hence were able to produce many stunning croc bags - don't think I have seen so many croc birkins either scored by TPFers or on eBay - and in the uncommon colors - Jaune, ficelle, violet, saffron, beige - in addition to the basic Black, miel. 2007 was the year Violet make a comeback (limited tho) in both chevre and croc

    My grail is Rose Indiennes Matt Poro (a girl can dream right?)
  11. Raisin Ostrich Bolide with PH. (still unsure
    about size, I'd have to see how they look on.)

    ...if funds prevent me from acquiring an exotic,
    then I'd like a clemence or togo rigide Bolide in
    raisin (or gold).
  12. I have two:

    A 35 Birkin in Rose Dragee with PHW (common, I know... but I love it) and a 30 Birkin in Fuschia shiny croc.
  13. Croc birkin, most probably 30 (but who knows, if it's brownish could be 35 as well). Either matte barenia or braise or jaune safran or bleu roi.
    The only lacking thing are the funds.
  14. 35 Birkin in indigo Barenia, PH. Then I'm done. Really done.
  15. Probably a little something in Havane Matte Croc......Birkin or Kelly would do. Not particular since this is REALLY a long shot financially.......LMAO!!!!!!

    (but I COULD sell the teen-ager......hmmmmmmmm......)