What is your 'go-to' bag?

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  1. What is your favorite bag in terms of total function and style-flexibility? Which bag do you find yourself going to, time after time, because it works so well and goes with so much?

    For me, its my bronze metallic Mulberry Roxanne. Its really spacious, the magnetic closures on the front pockets are super useful, the metallic bronze looks fun and summery or appropriate for the holiday season.

    I'm headed on vacation next week with my family and I know that's the bag I'll take. I never know when I'll have to carry my husband's wallet, my daughter's sunglasses or my son's baseball cap!
  2. right now, mine's my IF audra - it spacious, high quality, and goes with practically everything i wear.
  3. My Marc Jacobs Venetia. Good old standby. I think because I love it so much, I've had a really hard time investing in a new bag lately. I have definitely admired a lot of bags from afar lately, but haven't been able to buckle-down and buy one already.
  4. i feel the same way about my audra - i love the thing so much that it seems like a shame to buy anything else! i'd feel like i was either wasting my audra or wasting my new bag. i think i'm going to buy a pewter balenciaga at the end of the week, though. they're such different bags that i think i'll be able to get use out of them both.
  5. My red paddington rocks! It is so great this snowy winter! It is sooooooo perfect! I really keep grabbing it,prefering it, all the time! :nuts:

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  6. yup it's been my paddingtons for me too...
  7. my gucci jackie-o and my lv damier papillon. those 2 go with anything.
  8. I love my BV tote but I suspect that my new fav will be the large Gucci horsebit hobo that I'm waiting for
  9. My LV damier papillon. Goes with everything, and it's easy to carry and access.
  10. amazingly its my white MC speedy :lol: For some reason it really does go with everything I have.
  11. my brown fendi hobo...i feel like it goes with more than half my wardrobe..and its soo comfortable to carry
  12. My Damier Alma from 2001. It was a special order but now you don't have to order them from Paris. I have used it a lot and it even looks almost new after so many years.
  13. Gucci Horsebit Hobo- perfect shape and color to take out anytime anywhere. Love it!!
  14. The bag I have been carrying steadily for the past 3 months is my Smoke-colored Rafe Bag


    It has been perfect for fall - but I think it is time for a switch.
  15. Oh my first post..my fav. is the staple LV Speedy 30..classic, timeless and my first LV!