What is your girls night out bag?

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  1. I've had a few events this month without my kids and realized that I do not own a great going out bag! This must be resolved immediately!! :P I am getting together with friends this Saturday night. Any suggestions? I was thinking black, since it goes with anything.

  2. I have a small black coach soho hobo I use for going out. It's small and fits just what I need: wallet, keys, & phone.
  3. dark coffee balenciaga flat brass first and chanel caviar jumbo classic
  4. Hayden-Harnett black patent Pompidou clutch or pewter HH Mercer clutch.
  5. My LV black multicolor pochette.
  6. Anthracite Balenciaga First
  7. LV sophie, or Fendi metallic clutch
  8. Little black nylon Prada sport bag.
  9. After my baby is born, I'm gonna use my new LV Denim clutch. Its super cute and since its a light colored aged denim look, I think it'll go with most outfits.
  10. LV Black Epi pochette - I like something with a shoulder strap when on a girl's night out - need to be able to hold onto the bag while dancing you know?

    I have a really gorgeous navy silk pouch/clutch for fancy nights out.
  11. I have a pink Dior clutch and a black Dior clutch. I also have a Ferragamo little, tiny bag on order. I think any of these three would be good. Of course, one could always go with a Chanel....that's always appropriate!
  12. Gryson Elissa
  13. Geesh what is girl's night out? It has been soo long!!! Good for you for getting out.
  14. Ooo! You should get an MJ "the Kid" in black :yes: Or bronze - like my avatar.
  15. ^ I have a handful of tiny bags for going out and that's one of them.

    My other favorites are a black leather Armani bag and a Coach pouch in signature print with gold leather trim. I also have a few cute clutches from Target's Go International designers ...