What is your first LV?

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  1. What is your first LV?

    I don't even know the name of my first LV.
    The model discontinued already.
  2. Mine was the Mono Petit Bucket purchased about 10 years ago and still have it and still love it!
  3. I forgot the name... but mines are epi backpack type. I have red and black... they are my first loves.
  4. My first LV was the Mono Pochette Croissant. It's a great little going out bag. :yes:
  5. My first LV was a vintage MONO Bucket Bag with a kisslock pochette attached to it. The Bucket was my first love and it still is!
  6. damier geant messenger.
  7. Epi Mandrian Jasmine!
  8. Monogram wapity or Pochette Toilette 26 I can't remember which
  9. Well, technically my first LV purse was the Mono Papillon 30 but then I exchanged it two days later for a Cabas Piano. I have since sold my Cabas Piano.

    My first LV accessory was the Damier Porte-Tresor International wallet and my first piece of LV jewelry was the black PM inclusion bracelet.
  10. ...was actually a 6-key holder in monogram >.<! But, my first bag from LV is a Black epi alma w/ silver hardware :heart:. My first and only bag that's getting all of my attention right now hahahha :love:
  11. Monogram neverfull mm....deeply in love with it.
  12. mono pochette accessoires. she doesn't get out much anymore since i need a bigger bag, but i still have and love her!
  13. Damier Azur Speedy 25
  14. Mono speedy 25. And I still love her to death. It's my most used bag. :nuts:
  15. That was my first LV as well! I remember saving up the money...good times:yes:
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