What is your first Hermes Bag? Birkin or Kelly

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  1. #1 Oct 19, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2010
    Hello ladies

    I have been into this deep and constant pondering as to what should I choose for my first Hermes IT bag.

    Can you please share with me your first purchase and let me know if you are happy and content about it.
    Did you buy a new or used one?

    Many thanks.
  2. Personally, I prefer Birkin 30cm or 35cm. Kelly is good too but I found that I have to open and close the flap to get my wallet so many times in a day. :biggrin:
  3. Before I get rolling, I strongly suggest you go to the boutique and try on the styles you like to get a feel. I don't think you can make a fair judgment until you do so.

    Now here's my story:
    I had my heart set on a birkin, but there were none to be had in the size I wanted-- a 30. I need something lighter weight due to chronic, acute back issues. Not an SA but another tpfer steered me towards the Kelly. Turns out they had a 28 Kelly in orange and lord knows I adore orange; it was love at first sight. (So bought it new, obviously).

    Fast forward to using it while shopping -- getting into and out of it is a pain in the arse. When I'm out shopping I end up leaving it unlatched because no sooner is it closed, I have to open it again to dump in something like the debit card or the paper receipt, or switch from sunglasses to glasses.

    I now have a birkin just received it a few days ago -- bought from a tpf'er who was a very loving mommy. It hasn't been out on the shopping, test drive, yet, but we know you can leave it open a lot easier than the Kelly and it looks just fine.

    In fairness, the Kelly is so dang classy, a tad dressier, imho than the birkin.

    In hindsight, I failed to follow my own advice that I write so often on the Chanel side of the forum -- go with your heart, your first instinct and you won't go wrong.

    I doubt I would have bought the Kelly that day had I been more experienced with Hermes. As far as buying new versus pre-loved, I'd go pre-loved again and again. I don't need that buying experience at the boutique. Heck, I buy scarves and other goodies there. :smile:

    Take your time; don't be influenced by anyone but you.
  4. 35cm Chamoix Kelly in what we believe to be raisin or quetsche. Just got it today. When I take it on for a spa treatment we will find out its true color. Basically, its in the purple family and I love it.

    Try the Birkin and the Kelly. I wasn't crazy about the Birkin--a bit too trendyy and I dont like the shape. I loved the Kelly--you can make it formal or wear it with jeans...and it's a classic. If it was good enough for Prinncess Grace then it's good enough for all us lovely ladies! But really, the Birkin and Kelly are both gorgeous. Try on many sizes and colors and see what suits you best. Take your time and then go for the one your heart tells you is right. Best of luck!
  5. Kelly 32 beige box - preowned but in amazing condition for a 1995 bag.
    I really can't tell if a birkin is better than a Kelly, it really varies on personal basis. look in this forum for the different sizes, leather, colours, and what makes your heart sing, that's your bag and stick to it!
  6. my first was a (new, gift from DH) black 35 birkin. my collection has grown since then, and now includes 4 kellys, 3 birkins, and 2 trims. there's a real place in my wardrobe for each of them. birkins are easier to get in and out of, but not so good for parties (except in smaller sizes). the shoulder strap on the kelly, which can be employed messenger style when necessary, is very helpful, and of course, it's more elegant--if in sellier and stiff leather, but can be quite casual, too, in soft leather and souple stitching. they're all lovely, but you should spend time exploring and trying on different sizes and looks before you decide. I have also happily purchased some vintage, but new to me bags. good luck!
  7. mine was black birkin 35. very casual and good if you are looking for a tote. i then got a birkin 30 in a color which i love, both new from H. are you looking to get a color or neutral?
  8. Mine is a Black 30 Togo Birkin....a black 28 Box Kelly is next on my list but it really depends on your style. Are you more casual or dressy?
  9. the rouge H clemence 35 in my avatar. still love it, although there have been many more
  10. Huge factor to consider. I want easy access to my purse or anythinginside the bag. Thank you very much BirkinChic.:smile:

    Dear jmen;16927872 your narrative takes me into different perspectives to help me out into this first venture of mine. I will definitely take my time and see where my heart leads me to. thanks:smile:

    Hello LeeClee;16927960, I saw a blue Kelly at Clochette and am starting to fall in love with this. I also saw one listed by Docride. I wish I have the money to buy both styles. I got a lot of thinking to do and regular heart check ups to determine my heart's yearning.

    Hello maryg1;16928196. Excellent advice on the heart thing. I will keep on listening. thanks so much

    Hi audreyhepburn;1692843, thanks for the good luck. I need that. Thanks for the wonderful and useful advice.

    Hi lulilu;16928864, :nuts: lucky you. thanks for sharing. And wish you many more.
  11. Hello hluv and BalLVLover, I intend to buy a neutral color like graphite or etoupe or black or maybe rouge because it could be my one and only Hermes bag. I am more casual and ready to go most of the time. I have a busy lifestyle. thank you so much
  12. I had my heart set on a birkin. I went to the store tried on the bags and then started researching here. After all of that I fell madly in love with BBK
  13. My first was a Kelly. I walked into the store hoping to get a Constance, but there were none there that day.
  14. Once upon a time, long, long ago, my fiirst bag was a Birkin. But I became a Kelly girl. Over the years I have found that a Kelly is a more versatile bag than a Birkin, and I have been able to take my Kellys to places than a Birkin would not go.

    My advice is to spend plenty of time reading about everyone experiences here, this is a common dilemma and there is plenty of information to help you decide what is best for you.
  15. Like the OP, I'm saving up for my first H bag .... thought I would get a Birkin, but simply cannot do a hand-held-only bag. LOVE the looks of the Kelly and its detachable strap. I tend to be casual, so I'm also thinking about a Bolide, but the beauty of the Kelly will probably win out after I visit the local H store a few hundred more times!