What is your favourite Speedy 30 colour?

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What is your favourite Speedy 30 colour?

  1. Monogram

  2. Damier Ebene

  3. Damier Azur

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  1. What is your favourite Speedy 30 colour?

    Damier Ebene?
    Damier Azur?
  2. Damier Ebene!
  3. Can I pick all three? :smile:
  4. Damier Ebene is so carefree, but my first love is monogram.
  5. My favorite is the empreinte Infini or Aurore, but of the canvases I prefer mono. So classic.
  6. Mono
  7. I have DE, I love it but has grown tired of it lately, I want Mono now, but rumour has it that there will have a new speedy, similar to Neo Neverfull, so I am quite excited! Hopefully they will make some cute coloured trim monogram speedy. That would be my next purchase other than Shawl and Alma BB........and Pochette assessoire NM........endless wish list........
  8. Mono is so classic.
  9. Mono for sure
  10. Monogram!!
  11. Mono! :smile:
  12. Mono!
  13. So weird, when I saw "colour" I was thinking LE bags.

    My favorite print for the Speedy 30 is classic mono, :speedy: even though I don't currently own one. I do have mono speedy 25 and DE 30...
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    Damier Ebene... The first original print...
  15. Mono for sure!