what is your favourite? poupre ggh or rh?

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what is your favourite?

  1. pourpre ggh

  2. pourpre rh

  3. nothing, you have too many bags

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. what is the best combo for you?

    i have seen a gorgoeus ggh pt in this colour and it was tdf...but my collection is a bit "ggh redundant:nuts:"....i wanted an rh city but the leather on it was mottled and stiff...should i wait for a rh city or a ggh pt?
    i am so torn ..they are both beautiful!!
  2. Well, you already know what I think ;) While I do think the GGH combo could look hot I think the red needs to stand alone. I like the combination of elegant red and rock'n roll tassels. Plus you need some tassels in your collection :lecture::lol:
  3. I'm really not a right person to ask when it comes to GH. I'm more of a RH person. ;) So, it's RH for me all the way. Besides, ;) don't you just said you have too many GGH? ;)

  5. ^^ :lol: But believe me, those tassels are addictive too ;)
  6. I vote for Poupre RH.

    Lol, who are the 2 voters who vote, "Nothing, you have too many bags?":P
  7. I agree with Livia, I prefer reds in RH. While GGH is amazing on certain colours, red GGH is too much for me, personally. Would love to be able to see some comparison pics though.
  8. WHO ARE THEY???:wtf::noggin::roflmfao:
  9. How rude! :lol: I was just going to add that you probably didn't need that third option as I was certain not one would vote for that.
  10. Chloeglamour, I think you should get pourpre with RH. I think that pourpre is so gorgeous it does not need the gold hardware. Try something different and get regular hardware for a change. I am getting eithe a Pourpre City, Club, Day w/RH. I don't think that you can go wrong with Pourpre in RH. Good luck deciding.
  11. I prefer Bal reds with RH.

    Having said that, the one pic I saw of Pourpre was like the RH you saw - mottled and the leather looked dry. So, I haven't been that impressed with Pourpre on its own. In my experience, the leathers are thicker and chewier on the GH bags... so I don't know if Pourpre needs GH to save it!
  12. Oh no ... I seriously hope that the Poupre leather isn't like the Bouton d'Or (which I never got because I couldn't find a bag with the leather I wanted!).
  13. I'm actually REALLY disappointed with the first Pourpre pic I've seen... but, since ChloeG found a great-looking Pourpre GGH PT, there's hope!
  14. Red with gold reminds me of Ronald McDonald, the mascot for the McDonalds fast food chain! When I was purchasing ruby last year, I thought it looked best in RH. Although I also love ruby with SGH, the RH deepens the color somewhat.

    Having said that, pourpre, being a darker red and on the burgundy side, may look great with gold HW. The vintage Chanel bags were all made with gold HW and I once had a dark cranberry colored tote with gold HW that looked amazing and received many compliments.

    It may too early to ask this question as so many of us haven't seen pourpre yet to weigh in on hardware selection.
  15. hi girls thanks for your replies...michk ,ceejay..don't worry there was a stuning rh pt with gorgoeus leather in the store..not every pourpre has mottled leather:graucho: