What is your favourite Mulberry and how many do you own?

  1. Here goes

    My favourite is my Annie ( I think!)

    I have 3 in total

    Oak Annie
    Ivy chocolate bayswater
    Chocolate Antony

    Come on - tell all!
  2. My collection is fairly fluid as I give bags away when I get bored with them.

    My current collection is:
    black Helier in congo leather.
    Tangerine Araline;
    chocolate Soho;
    black Alana.
    I also have a chalk/oak Soho that I can lay my hands on.

    My current favourite is my tangerine Araline. I just love the shape, the colour, how it livens up any outfit and how light it is.
  3. Favorite: Black E/W Bayswater

    I have 5 total:
    Oak Bayswater
    Oak Martha
    Oak Elgin
    Chocolate Ledbury
    Black E/W Bayswater

    Thinking of getting: Printed Leather (Oak, croc-type) E/W Bayswater

  4. If you get bored you can always give them away in my direction!!!!:nuts:
  5. My favourite is my oak Bayswater.

    Other than that I have:
    Black Araline
    Toffee Araline
    Olive Elgin
    Brown Joni (my least favourite).
  6. Hi flyvetjo, i only have two, the choc Ledbury and the Annie,
    I love my Annie (choc & oak).
    I don't know if it's because it was my first Mulberry purchase but I've actually sold alot of my other bags because I can't imagine using anything but Mulberry now. I might even sell my unused Gucci??
    All in all buying the Annie has paid for itself twice with the amount of bags I've sold since!!
  7. My Favourite is my tooled oak bayswater

    I have

    chocolate tooled bayswater
    oak tooled bayswater
    chocolate bayswater
    oak bayswater
    black bayswater
    chocolate ledbury
    chocolate joni
    oak kiera
    chocolate kiera
    black kiera
    oak jamie
    chocolate jamie
    chocolate roxanne
    chocolate judy
    chocolate large version of judy (can't remember name )
    oak elgin
    oak rosemary

    now they are all written down I think maybe my mulberry obsession has gone too far lol:smile:
  8. jackie - WOW I'm speechless!!!
  9. :
  10. sorry deleted my list before posting by mistake will try again
  11. wow jackie1! thats quite a collection... fantastic though!!

    I only have three;
    oak rosemary
    black araline
    claret araline

    But am hoping to possibly pick up another in the new year, if; a) house purchases dont get in the way first and b) I can finally decide what style and colour I want (having a long time to make this decision isnt necesarily a good thing as it just means I keep changing my mind!)

    I dont really know which one is my favourite... the black araline was my first, so I will always love that. I use my aralines more than the rosemary, I think thats because somehow they dont feel quite as *special* IYKWIM? But I do love the rosemary, even though I dont use it that much... I should use it more.
  12. yes flyvetjo that was my husbands reaction when I showed him the list
    oh and I forgot one

    oak jaquetta
  13. Pink Glove Bayswater
    Oak Darwin Bayswater
    Black Darwin Emmy - FAVOURITE!!!
    Apricot Soft Nappa Araline
    Coconut Soft Nappa Araline
    Brown/Black Soft Nappa Araline
    Aubergine Purple Washed Nappa Araline
  14. apple blenheim
    lavender blenheim
    oak effie- favorite
    ivy bayswater
    black brooke- least favorite more of an occasion bag
    oak elgin- love this bag but afraid to use it
    vintage canteen style bag
    vingtage kenya kelly bag
  15. jackie1, i'm envious.... wow:drool:
    My favorite one is Oak Roxanne
    and I only have another 2
    Canvas Roxanne
    White antique glace blenheim

    But bayswater is coming along.:wlae: