What is your favourite MC bag ?

  1. I am thinking of getting an MC bag to match my MC Koala (I know, most peole do it the other way around):P . I am thinking white MC for the summer. What is everyone's favourite? I love the Audra but it has no inside pockets whatsoever. As for the Aurelia, it is too similar to my BH in function. I am thinking Eliza (is it too small?) or the Alma (are the handles the same length as the speedy?)
  2. The Speedy :yes:
  3. I only like the MC speedy! Its such a classic!
  4. Speedy for sure!! I'm getting mine in the mail this Wednesday and I can't wait!!
  5. white MC gracie.. so limited edition though ! :sad:

    I would have to say my runner up fave would be the shirley.
  6. I love the Pricilla and the Audra. I have the Shirley and it's super cute but you won't be able to fit a koala wallet in it or most other wallets for that matter.
  7. I had the white mc speedy and sold it cause it was heavier than H:censor: LL. I really like the idea and looks of the "hands free" Leonor. It is soooo adorable:love:
  8. I like the lodge pm the best in white. I'm not really fond on black MC.
  9. Go for the boulogne, or the new priscilla
  10. I own the Lodge PM and the Alma - looooooooooooove both :love:
    alma u lodge.jpg
  11. Speedy :heart:

    And pochette :yes:
  12. I just bought a MC Noe so right now, it's my favorite bag :love:
  13. Mc White Speedy or Trouville
  14. Both the Eliza and the Priscilla looks very cute. :love:
    I don't know for sure if they are limited edition bags only, but the older models like Speedy and Alma will still be part of the permanent collection I guess. :smile:

    I might have bought a Priscilla bag myself but the store didn't have any in stock. :sad:
  15. white Trouville or Priscilla
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