what is your favourite LV'S bag?pictures are welcome

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  1. Hi everybody,:welcome:
    I'm a new member:flowers: of this forum...I discovered it 2 days ago and I think it's fantastic, especially for those like me who are LV addict...
    I have bought my first LVbaglast week ,a wonderful speedy 35 in monogram canvass but I want to enlarge my collection with a damier 30 and with special editions..I love the cherises and the perfo but I missed them :sad::rant: :rant: ...and in Italy they are completely sold out!!!!
    Now a question...what is your favourite LV bag? you can put a picture..
    mine is my new speedy 35..it's lovely...:graucho:
  2. Mine is my new Frange! :heart: :tender: :heart:
    DSC01220 09-33-41.jpg
  3. oh I love it...but It is too expensive for me.... :sad:( the white one is fab!!!
  4. Mine is my Onatah GM Mais, despite everyones bashing the Onatah I happen to LOVE mine dearly!! :heart:
    PS-My camera sucks so this picture might suck too!!!:Push:
  5. hehehee this is too funny! Not your bag I LOVE it, but I was born in Abilene, Tx and I have never seen anyone here from there! Welcome to the PF ross_77 and cbh02b!! :yahoo:
  6. The Abilene Paradox:girlsigh:

  7. Well I just go to college here in ol' Abilene:nuts: ! My parents live in the Dallas Area (Plano);) , but that is cool that you were born here!!!:yes:
  8. Blue Sac de nuit from 2003, :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
    I think Lvlover has one.
  9. Graffiti Speedy:

  10. I guess I'm just a regular ol' plane jane but my fav is my LV mono speedy 30:supacool:
  11. My Mizi Vienna:love:
  12. Blue Theda or Leonor would be nice.
    But it really is the Le Ex & Boite pharmacie that I dream of.
  13. it's a tough choice, and i'm still torn between my white Suhali L'Epanoui GM and my white Multicolore Trouville :wacko:
    l'epanoui gm 001.jpg trouville 001.jpg
  14. Welcome!!

    My Manhattan PM


    Edited to add picture
  15. Definitely my Monogram Denim Chinchilla Demi Lune. I rarely use it but I love it!
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