What is your favourite LV?

  1. You can only choose ONE.

    Mine would have to be Priscilla.

    K go.
  2. got2 b the Speedy mono30!!!!! still in :heart::heart::heart: wit it! ;)
  3. Tough question...
    Today I would have to say my Saleya and after that my BH
  4. mine would be priscilla too!!!
  5. Epi Alma
  6. too hard to eliminate down to one!
  7. Alma!
  8. Me choose Manhattan PM...
  9. it would be miroirlockitmcspeedyroxburydrive
  10. mirroir ... speedy -- but i dont have one,,:sad::sad:
  11. Not that I have any of the below (yet) but if I could only have one LV it'd be between:
    -a steamer bag 45
    -Bisten 50
    -Soana Sacochee MM in Caramel

    Can't narrow it down to one! Okay maybe if just one I'd force LV to SO a croc Keepall :graucho: (they'll do ostrich, but apparently not croc or gator)
  12. My favourite LV is SUMMIT DRIVE in pomme d'amour colour:love:... I really love and I'll have it as soon as possible!:graucho:
  13. I love your answer!!

    My fav is neo speedy in this week.
    Next week would be.....???
  14. ^ I sooo love the summit in pomme!
    It looks so juicy!
    My favourite LV has to be my Miroir lockit ! ^ but that's second along with my riveting!
  15. FP in mono