What is your favourite LV bag?

  1. Mine would have to be the Madeleline in Red as I love the epi line.
  2. Embossed Stephen.
  3. Mini Lin Boulogne
  4. I love my new Trevi! :love:
  5. My all time favourite is the ambre cabas bag from Kanye West's All Falls Down video. The cherry blossom pieces come a close second.

    My favourite bag that I currently own is the Popincourt Haut. :yes:
  6. My new Hampstead MM!
  7. Of the ones that I own, I'd have to say my papillon 30 is my favorite. I hate the mini papillon it came with though.
  8. Keepall 45! monogram
  9. My mirage speedy in black!
  10. Oh wow, that's a tough call right now.

    I guess at this moment it's my azur Speedy, because she's new and pretty. But I love all of my bags.
  11. My 19 year old Mono Speedy 25
  12. Definitely my Bordeaux Mirage Speedy!
  13. my bordeaux mirage musette and i love my black mc ursula
  14. I don't have one, but the Mizi Vienna:love::drool::nuts:...out of what I do have, Beverly MM!
  15. Well my favorite usually changes fairly often. Right now though I'd have to say the limelight. It's perfect for me, casual or dressy. I just love it :love:.