What is your favourite film from the James Bond franchise?

  1. Casino Royale.

    All the other James Bonds looked smug and arrogant to me.
  2. Ah, thank you ... that just brought some sunshine to this dreary snowy day. :smile:
  3. Casino Royale and
    Onegirlcreative, quit posting my hubby's pictures. :lol::lol::drool::drool:
  4. Casino Royale
  5. I'm a James Bond junkie!

    My favorite is Live & Let Die. He runs across alligator heads to escape! Does cinema get any better?

    I like Craig, I think he's probably the most "true" to the books as far as the Bond character goes. I'm a fan of Roger Moore and Connery, although Connery's movies are so dated nowadays they're tough to watch sometimes.

    I liked Timothy Dalton. I know he's much-maligned in Bond loving circles, but I thought Licence to Kill was a solid movie.
  6. Casino Royale, most definitely
  7. Casino Royale
  8. what? no, that's not YOUR hubby, but MY hubby! remember, we're married to twins. :lolots:
  9. ^It looks like I have more people to fight off than I anticipated. :biggrin:
  10. That was the best title. And the best female name came from that movie :p
  11. I liked that movie too and thought he did a good job. That was actually my first JB movie that I saw in the theatre.

    As far as Bonds go, I still love Daniel Craig the best...mmmm. And that Aston Martin, don't get me started!:nuts:
  12. oh yeah, sister...bring it on! :boxing:

  13. My fav is Goldeneye! I really liked the female villain in that movie
  14. Octopussy
  15. The Spy Who Loved Me