What is your favourite colour of current SS07 Season?


What is your FAVOURITE colour of SS07?

  1. White

  2. Natural

  3. Sandstone

  4. Cafe

  5. Vert D'eau

  6. French Blue

  7. Aquamarine

  8. Periwinkle

  9. Marine

  10. Vert Gazon

  11. Rouge Vermillion

  12. Anthracite

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  1. Hi All!

    I am always so curious to know what everyone's favourite colours are each season so thought it would be good to do a poll for the current season colours :yes:

    I love lots of this seasons colours but if could only pick ONE as my favourite then it would be Anthracite :heart:

    So, which colour would you choose?
  2. i'd have to say French Blue! It's so bright and just absolutely gorgeous. I'd also want it in the work style too! I can only dream!~
  3. Vert D'eau is my favorite, obviously ;)

    After that comes: Aquamarine, French Blue, Sandstone :yes: in no particular order, really.
  4. Doh! My own poll and I just checked Aquamarine instead of Anthracite!!!! :noggin:
  5. And I forgot Truffle! Oh dear! I spent an age checking my list before I posted as well. Sorry Truffle lovers :push:
  6. ^^ sandstone all the way baby!!! :wlae:
  7. It's a really tough call between Vert Gazon and Bleu de France. I chose the blue, because of the two, it's the one I'm actually considering buying. :p

    Obviously I also like Vermillion, since I bought that! I like the bright colours I guess. :yes:
  8. Aquamarine edges out Vert Gazon ever so slightly for me. I also love French Blue and Anthracite. A good season for blue and green lovers.
  9. here's the colour ref from LP's site so we can vote easier :

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Thanks Seahorse - makes it so much easier :flowers:

    Sorry again for missing out Truffle :push:
  11. french blue all the way for me!!
  12. That was tough. I really like the neutral colours - naturel, sandstone, truffle, but also love the vibrancy of vert gazon :shrugs:
  13. This was tough. There really are some fanatastic colors. Sandstone and natural are such gorgeous neutrals but I voted for aquamarine as the #1. Verte gazon is gorgeous too, but I'm not a green lover even though that one is tempting. Verte d'Eau is pretty too but not enough distressing on most of them and I'm afraid it will yellow.
  14. I'd also say French Blue, even it doesn't fit with my wardrobe. In case of neutral colors, sandstone gets my vote. Actually, i myself bought GH Marine and is going to get Vert Gazon twiggy!!!:yahoo:
  15. I vote for Aquamarine.