What is your favourite cereal?

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  1. Lucky Charms and granola cereal. Yum!!!
  2. captain crunch or reese puffs ... so healthy!
  3. cinnamon toast crunch
  4. hmm lets see Fruity pebbles :love:, cinnamon toast crunch, cookie crisp, alphabet marshmellow cereal(wish they still made it :sad:), golden grahams, and cocoa krispies/cocoa pebbles.
  5. i remember adding chocolate milk to some cereal, like my rice krispie treat cereal! i hated plain milk :yucky:
  6. Honey bunches of oats, dry, straight from the box, no bowl required. I can't stop eating them when I start. When they are on sale and I buy a few boxes I make my 15 year old hide them from me because I will seriously eat the entire box. Yumm.
  7. Cinnamon or Maple and Brown Sugar Life!

    Oh, and King Vitamin!
  8. im the same when it comes to fruity pebbles. So i make them into rice krispie treats :P They are so sweet it takes me awhile to eat them :P
  9. Honey bunches of oats!
  10. lucky charms cereal :smile:
  11. for breakfast... basic 4, raisin bran or nature's path organic hemp granola

    as snacks/junk food... froot loops, rice krispies, cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms
  12. Crispix
  13. coco puffs
  14. I love Frosted Mini Wheats dry (with a glass of skim milk) for a snack.

    My favorite for breakfast, though, is half Special K, half Multi-Grain Cheerios, a packet of Sweet n Low, skim milk, topped with fresh (or used to be frozen) blueberries.
  15. Honey nut Cheerios without milk!