What is your favourite breakfast?

  1. Somedays I don't know what to eat! Anyone has special/weird cravings in the morning?
  2. Hmmm.. my breakfast is pretty boring . I drink Diet Cranberry juice and eat plain organic oatmeal . I am not much of a big breakfast person . But on occasion I will have eggs with a muffin .
  3. I don't really snack during the day so I like to go big with my meals. On the weekends, I like eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast; on the weekdays I prefer either a muffin or an egg and sausage/bacon sandwich. Not healthy, I know.
  4. I tend to eat a pretty heavy breakfast. I love eggs with chicken sausage and buttered toast or spanish torta with tons of vegs. It's super filling and easy to pre-make and heat in the morning. Some mornings I have greek yogurt with honey, hazelnuts and berries.
  5. bacon, eggs and grits and cherry coke.
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  6. sweet potato & cheese on top and milk :-p
  7. Scrambled tofu and vegan sausage burrito with a side of hash browns and grilled tomatoes.
  8. Those chicken minis from Chikfila 😆
  9. OP, were you trying to ask about healthy breakfast?

    I noticed a mod moved this to kitchen....

    You're going to get get everything known to man here.

    For me, I am not a breakfast gal. I use to force my self to eat....'most important meal of the day' and all that.

    When I started listening to my body and threw out 'the rules', I started eating only when I am hungry. That means I rarely eat 'breakfast'.

    When I do, I try and stick to paleo.
  10. For the holiday season, brioche soaked in egg nog w/foie gras
  11. French toast with butter and maple syrup
  12. brioche french toast soaked w/egg nog & foie gras
  13. At the weekend my favourite breakfasts are potato waffles with cheese, French toast, pancakes or an omelette with cheese and meat-free 'ham'.

    During the week, I make a smoothie - usually rice milk, soy milk or coconut water based, and I add different types of fresh fruit.
  14. Coffee.
    No conversation, until my first cup's done.
    More coffee.
    Possibly food.
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  15. Hash brown quiche. (Hash brown crust, butter, eggs, milk, pepper jack cheese, swiss cheese, ham, salt & pepper).

    I don't have this often, though.
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