What is your favourite and least favourite Goyard bags?

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  1. Love: Boeing 65, St. Louis GM, Urbain

    Hate: Fidji, Vendome

    What about you? :smile:

    *Title should read: What are your favourite and least favourite Goyard bags?* :sweatdrop:
  2. Love: St Louis GM (the only Goyard I have)!

    Hate: Hate is a strong word :upsidedown: I don't think I hate any Goyard styles!
  3. How about we change it to Love or Don't Love? :biggrin:

    So which ones don't you love balihai? There's got to be at least one :sneaky:
  4. r15324 has put a gun to my head! :sweatdrop: OK I am not a huge fan of that style that has the small open circular handle on the top (just looked it up in the reference thread, it's called the Beluga?) - it just looks odd and disproportionate. But I don't hate it :peace:
  5. i love: jeanne mm, boeing 30 and croisiere 35

    least favorite (but i wouldn't say no if someone gives me these bags :biggrin:): fidji (the bag loses it's shape when there's stuff inside), st louis (just because it's an open tote) and beluga (handles are disproportionate to the size)
  6. Love: GM St Louis, GM St Louis, GM St Louis!!!

    Don't Like: I don't know yet.
  7. St Louis my favorite and love the Boeing's any size.

    Fidji least favorite, sold mine. That's why I'm excited for the new bag next month

    Just bought this bag in July, love it. It came w/ a short handle, had a special handle made so could be worn cross body, took less than a week.


    The short handle is shown in the pxi w/ the longer cross body


  8. ^Congrats, Longchamp! I've never seen that style with a longer strap, and I :heart: it!

    Love: Bois clutch, Boeing bags, doggie bags

    Don't love so much: Beluga. The little handle seems like it would dig too much into your palm when the bag was full.
  9. Longchamp - The long-strap makes it look darling!

    Seems like no one likes the Beluga... :S
  10. Thanks Annalcg and r15324.

    Remind me of the Beluga, do you have a pix? Oh I'll go research and be back.
  11. Favorites: Boeing, St. Louis PM (I must get one in blue! But I already have one in green, so it might be a little too excessive...), Urbain PM.

    Least favorite: Saigon.
  12. love fidji and st louis pm and gm :biggrin:

    don't really like croisiere, belvedere, jeanne
  13. Ultimate love: fidji

    don't love - i don't know, maybe okinawa bec it's too stiff to be a tote

    i have 2 bags - a skyblue fidji & a black 35 croisiere

    wanting a white fidji with the new design
  14. It's that one that almost looks like a steamer (in my mind anyway) :P

    Well actually, more like a Lockit.
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