What is your FAVOURITE and LEAST expensive LV?

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  1. I was at the boutique last weekend and purchased a toilette pochette 26. Which was really pretty affordable - $285 (CDN).

    I find it so functional! The size of it is wonderful as a purse organizer/divider (in my Monty GM or even my Damier 30 - and even (gasp) my Gucci and Fendi bags!). It makes a perfect travel/cosmetic pouch. And I can even use it as a clutch - since it's SUCH a classic and simple shape.

    Must admit I'd been eyeing it for some time now, but since it was so simple and "affordable" :graucho: I just never took the plunge. BUT now that I have it has quickly become one of my favourites!

    What about you? What is the least amount you've spent on your favourite LV item? And why is it you're favourite?
  2. Green Perfo Cles......($135). I use a cles every day. I have my house key on the ring and mini-tweezers, balm, and other keys inside. I only have the green perfo and an amarante vernis, but I hope to add more in the future.
  3. I would say my cles too :smile: love putting my keys in it so their not jingling all over in my purse!!
  4. My least expensive LV item was the Vernis Violette Makeup Case (also my first LV). What I love about her is how she can fit so much for her size. I love that I was able to fit all of my tolietries in there and still have room to squeeze my cellphone in there. She can also be used as a clutch/purse, and can even fit my Nintendo DS! I love, love her.

    Unfortunately, I only use her when carrying bigger bags. If I were carrying my Eva, the makeup case stays home.
  5. I've gotten many deals buying pre-owned LV through ebay and this other bag trading/selling website I used to frequent. My lowest priced bag I got was my red epi petit noe for either high 200's or low 300's I forget. My mono belt I got for around $100 and I got my mini damier papillon on ebay, it was sold sep. from it's mommy pap 30, I got it for an unbelievable $156, that price for some reason is the only one I remember bec. it was one of my earlier LV's. I guess my belt is my favorite and most used of the three, that or the red epi petit noe. cool thread! On the opposite end, the most I ever paid for an LV was paying retail for my bv back in '07 when I paid $720, and it's my least favorite bag that I ended up using as a knockaround!
  6. The pouchette 14 the smallest one. It was under 200 I put my money,change and receipts/papers in it. I use it daily.
  7. Well I have only paid retail once and that was for my MC speedy, I like to find deals on ebay, so my cheapest and most used is my Cabas Piano, perfect condition and I only paid $299.
  8. My monogram pochette I bought about 10 years ago for $140. I use it as a purse, clutch or as a makeup bag sometimes. I love it!
  9. Mine would be the pochette florentine $245. I keep all my small items in it and i take it everywhere with me inside my bag. I love it because it was from my bf.
  10. My Mono Speedy which I bought used for $40.
  11. Wow :nuts:, that is a STEAL!
  12. i would have to say my monogram pochette i have been using it for ten years if not more i used to always wear it nwo i use it as a makeup case and a casual wristlet sometimes
  13. it would be my azur pochette (around $300CAD with tax). I like to carry it around e.g to pick up groceries, to the theatre with bf, casual outing with gfs...etc
    I love it becuz it can actually hold quite a lot and my hands stay free when the thin strap sticks on my shoulder :P
  14. Probably my white MC zippy coin purse. I use it every day! It was around $350 I believe. Aside from that, I would say gold miroir cosmetics case ($385). After that is an inclusion bracelet (around $300). An item that fits this criteria and that I don't own yet is the small vernis agenda!
  15. my fav out of my least expensive items? my LV cards i guess. they were $98 for a set of 3 decks. i got them before they were avail. on eluxury. i actually got them last summer at the Chevy Chase boutique. every time i play cards, people are like :wtf: lv cards?