What is your favorite

  1. in Hermes besides Birkin or Kelly?

    I am missing the hee-boo bag I saw in Narita airport badly...:crybaby:
  2. Evelyne! :love: And the Plume!
  3. bolide and trim
  4. They have Heeboo bag at SCP Hermes:flowers:
  5. Plume
  6. Ooooh, are you making me pick favorites?????
  7. Don't tell me that!! LOLl!!! arghhh...*dying* ...
    must save for birkin must save for birkin must save for birkin....somebody..tell me to save for birkin!
  8. mmmm..........yes...hehehe:Push:
  9. Bolide, Garden Party, Picotin
  10. I have a vintage Sac Mallette that would be the first bag I would grab in a fire, before my Birkins and Kellys.
  11. whoa...must be sooooo precious!!! is that the briefcase style?
  12. Plume, Bolide, Jige
  13. oh totally forgot the jiges :love:
  14. Actually, Fesdu, it is like the old fashioned train cases, but mine does not come with the jewelry case. I would like to eventually own one with a jewlery case, in croc just like the one I currently own. The reason I value mine above the Kellys and Birkins is because it actually took me longer to find the Sac Mallette in croc than it did to get any of my other bags. Also, among Hermes collectors, it's highly collectible. I think I've only seen 2-3 others in auction.
  15. oh wow!!!that is truly amazing!! The beauty of vintage pieces and the stories behind them are always beyond words! :tender::tender: