What is your favorite?

  1. I am wondering...what is your favorite Coach item in your collection? :shrugs:

    Soon, mine will be my new Sun keychain. It's coming to town next weekend!! :yahoo:

    How about you? :popcorn:
  2. If we are talking purses, ALI!!! If we are talking accessories probably my monkey keychain or my wristlet!!
  3. Right now, my favorite purse is my Legacy Shoulder Flap in black leather and my favorite accessory is my Carly Signature wristlet. However, this is open to change at any given moment.:p
  4. My favorite accessory is my legacy striped agenda (I use it all the time), my favorite purse is my whiskey Mandy.
  5. Oh it is so hard to pick favorites :sweatdrop:

    Bag= Legacy Shoulder bag in Whiskey
    Shoes= This cute pair of black sandles with the satchel hardware-cant think of their name
    Charms= my Daisy
    Keychain= my Monkey of course!
  6. Thank you for sharing! Keep 'em coming!! ;)
  7. My small tobacco duffle.
    She a no fuss bag and she gets better with age.
  8. Ditto Ali! Raspberry Agenda.

    I luv that purse!
  10. ditto but i have a medium! :yes:
  11. I love all 3 of my patent bags!!!
  12. My red signature Hamptons satchel. I was walking past a Coach store and saw it the first time and it had me at hello.:heart:
  13. Double ditto....Ali is MY favorite purse!!!! My favorite accessory I would say is my adorable lion keyfob...he's sooooooo cute!!!! :yes:
  14. Patent Ergo followed by Chocolate Carly followed by Legacy Khaki/Ebony Shoulder Bag.
  15. Right now my Clay Gigi.

    I'm a fickle, fickle woman though, and that will definitely change in the future. *L*