What is your favorite wallet?

  1. I am looking for a new wallet, something I can use with tan/browns. Just a neutral wallet. What are your favorites and if you have pics even better! Thanks!
  2. I use my fendi long wallet :smile:
  3. Here's a link to pics of my wallet. I love this wallet so much that I don't even use my others any more.


    ETA: I just wanted to add that even though this a Vuitton wallet, it is one of the less expensive ones. It was only $250. Most LV wallets are in the $400-$600 range.
  4. I like the LV monogram canvas wallets.
  5. Im not a huge LV fan. I think that I see like 5 fakes a day makes me not want one. JMO
  6. I like the Jimmy Choo metallic mesh one and the paddy wallet. But I am stuck with my current wallet for now. It's a gift from bf, you see, and I have to use it.
  7. I absolutely love the LV French purse wallet. It's very practical and classic.:love:
  8. I love my LV epi compact wallet and my new big Gaucho which has 8 cc slots and 4 big compartments for cheques and papers. I bought it in black so it's a neutral colour.
  9. I use to change my wallet every 1-2 years. Since I bought my LV wallets about 4 years ago, never had to buy another one. The wallets are classic and durable.
    (22) Louis Vuitton Pochette Wallet - 530.JPG (23) Louis Vuitton Snapped Billfold & Coin Purse - 430.JPG (24) Coin Purse - 230.JPG
  10. coach has a cute brown leather wallet out right now. i prefer bright wallets, otherwise i would have bought it already.
  11. I love the french wallet too. Look at the epi french wallet if you don't like the mono.
  12. I've got my eye on this Dior wallet. I NEED it!
  13. oh my gosh, that dior wallet, I want it.... but no, I have no fave wallet yet, still looking for one.. but that dior, maybe that's it for me...
  14. My favorite is the Louis Vuitton Framboise Vernis French Purse!