What is your favorite Vuitton mono DIRIVITIVE?

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What is your favorite mono dirivative?

  1. Cerise

  2. Muilticolor

  3. Panda

  4. Cherry Blossom

  5. Perforation

  6. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I know this id similar to the thread I just posted:shame: , but I wanted to do one on the dirivitites, too! (cerise, multicolor, etc.)
  2. Multicolore, hands down! It's a must for any collection.
  3. I've loved with all my heart the cherry blossom....I love the MC too, but too people have that and there are too fakes around....the cerises line is delicious and fortunately lasted only for one season...but I'd say Cherry Blossom
  4. none, I don't prefer the derivitives.
  5. I am such a multicolor junkie! LOVES IT!
  6. cherry blossom
  7. I put Cherry Blossom, but I also love the Multicolore and the Cerises.
  8. Cerises and also coming very close is the Cherry Blossom and then the Multicolore.

    I think most of us who likes the Cherry Blossom because we hunger for it -and cant have it!
  9. Cherry Blossom!
  10. i tend to only like the dirivitive lines in the smaller accessories. the cerises are my favorites! the smiley cherries are so happy! i also like the multicolor canvas in white, but don't like the gold rivets present on most of the pieces and i like my stuff to all match, so i don't own any. :smile:
  11. Cherry blossom is just :love:. My all time favorite.
  12. Cherry Blossom! I regret all the time I opted out of getting an item from this collection.
  13. Cerises for me! I totally regret not getting my bucket. However I love multicolore as well.
  14. Cerises

    I soooooooooooooooooooooo regret not purchasing a Speedy or at least saving up for any of the Cerise items. They are all so pretty. :love:
  15. I love the Cherry Blossom, and im so bummed i didnt get one at the time. Im too chicken to try ebay and risk getting a fake too.