What is your favorite Vernis color of all time?

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  1. I agree!!! I love the rouge grenadine for SLGs ! I use my Rouge grenadine zippy and cosmetic pouch year round as they add a great POC (pop of colour)

    I also love the bleu infini vernis and have a zippy in this colour. Beautiful deep blue / almost black. It also matches my Bleu infini empreinte artsy
  2. The vernis red polka dot Kusama one. :heart::love:
    So it's a mix of red & an ivory'ish color. I have used it solid since Dec 2012.
  3. Rose Pop! Pomme is a close second :heart:
  4. Pomme. The perfect red.
  5. Rose Pop! Why?...because it is a particularly lovely shade of pink. Bleu Nuit and Bleu Lagon are tied for second.
  6. Pomme! I like how the red pops, and that it's shimmery!
  7. Mine was some medium ish blue color many years ago. I want to say Indigo but I don't recall, it was very pretty :3
  8. Bleu Lagon - I've always loved it and wanted something in that color for years... Runner up is Framboise.
  9. Rose Indien since I chose that color but I am lusting after the Rose Angelique for my next bag!

    Does anyone know how long the Vernis colors stay around before being replaced by new ones?
  10. absolutely! and nothing jazzes up an outfit more than the perfect red bag. definitely Pomme.
  11. Completely agree :smile:
  12. Pomme, Violette and RF. Gorgeous~
  13. Amarante! So deep and luscious, I could look at it for hours.
  14. Pomme! I love red :smile:
    Amarante is a close second
  15. P o m m e !