What is your favorite Vernis color of all time?

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  1. Pomme and Indian rose...
  2. all shades of rose and pink! 😃 what can I say - I'm just a "pink" girl! I love rose angelique! so classy and elegant with a little rose. ❤️

  3. Ditto!
  4. Rouge Grenadine!
  5. Rose Pop or Fuschia which came out in the early 2000s. I like it because of the bright pop of color.
  6. Gris Art Deco...
  7. Pomme for SLG's.
    Beige Poudre was mesmerizing.
  8. Rose Pop. Pure love.
  9. Grand Blue all the way. I love my Grand Blue Alma.
    I also like the color of Pomme, I never own one though.
  10. Pomme and Amarante! I have both :smile:
  11. Pomme it is the most vibrant beautiful red color! Also it matches my louboutins perfectly ;)
  12. +1! :smile:
  13. there's a few i love; rouge faviste, pomme, amarante.

  14. What louboutins do you have? I have two pairs of red CLs and one is too orange and the other is too burgundy. I can't find the perfect red pair to match pomme making me want to get rid of my Wiltshire as the 2011 red from Chanel matches perfectly so I use that. I have nude vendomes with the bit of red on the platform, but it's still not exactly pomme.
  15. Indian Rose!!! Love Love Love that color;)