What is your FAVORITE Tiffany & Co. SILVER JEWELRY? :)

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  1. What is your FAVORITE Tiffany & Co. SILVER JEWELRY? Choose 1 only. Post pictures if you have!

    Mine is the RTT bracelet. Favorite and most worn :smile:
  2. Bone Cuff :smile:
    I absolutely love the cuff.
  3. My horseshoe necklace. Has sentimental value and I wear it nearly every day.

  4. Tiffany 1837 Cuff. It is discrete and classic.
  5. Fun thread! So hard to choose one. The bead bracelets. Lovely stacked or alone, classic, can dress up or down.
  6. I only have a few Tiffany silver pieces. My absolute favorite is the small bone cuff. I generally prefer to purchase Tiffany gold and platinum pieces but the bone cuff in YG does not look good on me, the silver one fits me perfectly.
  7. Agree with DiamondsForever! So hard to choose one...... The RTT bracelet!
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  8. 1457790295021.jpg

    Looking forward to adding another bead bracelet to my collection shortly :biggrin:
  9. My hearts stuff. The bangle was my first branded piece of jewelry and was engraved with our anniversary date and later, the birth date of our son. Sadly, I'm convinced that my DS threw the bangle away when he was learning to walk. I had a tendency to leave it on the TV stand which was within in his reach. I got matching earrings and necklace.


    The bangel was discontinued, so DH replaced it with this, which is also lovely and I wear it a lot, but not nearly as much as I did the bangle.

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  11. Wow! Bigger beads are awesome!
  12. My fav piece is the long open heart mesh necklace:
    This is my fav bc it can be layered with anything and really makes dresses up a boring shirt.

    The 2nd runner up is the interlocking hearts on a necklace and the center one is 18 kt. I don't think they make it anymore. I like it because it does not get lost on me and stands out.
  13. My bone cuff in silver. I don't wear it everyday, but it is my favorite Tiffany piece.
  14. My round tag bracelet...it was my first piece and I wear it everyday.
  15. Hard to pick just one!!! But i love the heart locket because it has sentimental value to me!