What is your FAVORITE/The Best shade of BBag Red Ever? Comparison Pics, Differences

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  1. Has anyone seen the Fire Engine Red in person? I have the Berry Twiggy from 2005 and am wondering how it compares. I am hoping for fewer blue undertones and a brighter shade.

  2. I'd be interested to know too! I'm getting my 05 red first in the mail tomorrow and lately I've been lusting over the 03 red. I know that the probability I'll come across an 03 in my price range is very slim so I may opt to trade in my 05 for the new fire engine red if it's a lot more vibrant! I know Susan's said that they were going to get a shipment in of the new colors soon :yes:
  3. I am thinking the same thing! Trading the 2005 for the fire engine, I mean. I like the 2005, but the twiggy is not the shape for me, I think.
  4. I didn't like the twiggy either. I sold my magenta one after falling inlove with the classique size instead. I've been considering the city for occassions when I have a lot of stuff to carry. If you don't care for the shape you should definitely sell it and look for something new :flowers:
  5. The city isn't really that big, you should check them out! I like it because I can use the shoulder strap as well as the handles, seems more versatile to me. I have the city in Origan and Ink...absolutely my favorite shape so far. I am considering the Purse for the Fire Engine...but I'm not sure if I am that daring!
  6. hi im thinking of getting the red 03 classique, it has signs of wear but i absolutely love the colour... however, ive read on here that it i very similar to the 06 red but i have yet to see one in real life since i live in australia... ive seen the pics posted up on this forum and sometimes it looks like its got an orange tone to it... i realli love the 03 red but if it is realli similar to the 06 red then ill order the 06 red instead...

    could anyone please help me on the colours, leather etc and how similar they are? thanks!!
  7. Hey! Check out ateliernaff.blogspot.com as she now has an article on the first page about the differences in the reds. She also has a link on the side to color swatches by season, and I think 03 may have silver hardware versus the brass hardware for 06(which is on that page, too!) Maybe someone here has both colors and can post them side by side for you!
  8. i think... 04 red has been compared to the new 06 red. the 03 red is more rosy, rather than bright. but I dunno, I've never seen the 03 or 04 red in person.
  9. hi reovi! thanks for your help, i looked at ateliernaffs blog but i think she was comparing the 03 and 04 reds but ill go and read it and double check!

    thanks mocean, i havent seen the 04 red in person either... hopefully someone has pics of the reds so i can compare =)
  10. sorryto go off topic, but i do want to say that i LOVE perth. welcome to the board!
  11. Welcome bag!
    The '03 red is nothing like the '06 rouge vif, but the '04 red might be closer in color -- like mocean said, the '03 red is a deep rose red, and the '04 red is more on the orangey-bright side, like the rouge vif.
  12. ^^I'm confused? I thought that Sienna's Red city bag was an '03? But her bag looks bright red to me - no rose at all. Is hers really a '04 red bag?
  13. ^ I really have no idea... sorry.
  14. hi chigirl!... glad to know u love perth!! =)

    thanks mimz for ur help, i think ill just wait to see it in real life... hopefuly ill like the rouge vif!
  15. Hi bag.... - here's my '03 red city with silver hardware, the leather is wonderful thick and smooth, it looks amazing in real !
    111-1195_IMG.JPG balenciaga red Siena.jpg