What is your favorite style of Coach wallet?

  1. Just wondering which Coach style of wallet you like best. I've experienced using the slim envelope, the framed French purse and the simple French purse and so far, my all time favorite is the framed French purse. It's just the right size to hold all my cards and it doesn't appear bulky when filled up. I've never tried the zip around. How about you ladies? Which ones have you tried and liked and why?
  2. I like the Multifunction and Mini Skinnys. They are small and convenient
    for grab and go without dragging my whole bag with me!
  3. The framed french purse is my all time favorite. It fits a lot without being too huge, and I love the kisslock and turnlock. Just a great design!
  4. I like the Legacy leather framed French purse. I hope to get one in black to match my black Legacy shoulder bag. I also like that it doesn't seem too big and can fit all my cards.
  5. My favorite wallet has to be my signature stripe accordian zip. I think the fact that is is kind of slim yet holds a lot and has the zip to keep everything inside.
  6. I just got my first Coach wallet. It's an older one I think it's the Soho or Hamptons duffle. It's a zip around accordian. I love it! It hold all my cards and cash and I can even put my checkbook in it!:tup:
  7. Right now I am using this wallet which matches my Chocolate leather Carly PERFECTLY and I LOVE her!!!!!!
    this is the back:
    this is the inside:
    She has brass hardware!!!!!! I am matchy matchy and NEED to match my wallets to my bags, and this wallet fit the bill for that!!! I ONLY use medium sized wallets and I carry my checkbook separately! I have tried the zip around medium wallet and love that one too! Coach has GREAT quality wallets that last a long time! Good luck!!!!
  8. I always buy the slim envelope. It's the perfect size!
  9. I like the look of the french purse but for functionality my favorite is the compact clutch. I can fit everything in it and still have room left over for more stuff!
  10. Compact clutch for me too! I love it, it holds a ton without being too big.:love:
  11. My favorites are the slim envelope wallet & the accordion wallet.
  12. Chelsea sig accordion zip, followed closely by the hamptons french purse.
  13. I side with the slim envelope wallet, plus, I am tempted to get the red one when my pay check comes.
  14. ilike the zip up ones!! nothing falls out!
  15. I like a long wallet so I prefer the slim envelope and the zip around accordion.