What is your Favorite Store??

  1. Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, sometimes Lucky (but see below, lol). Shoes, Nordstrom for great goods and service.

    Where I live, we have a cool store called Buckle that has trendy brands, good prices, and a great staff that knows how to fit jeans.

    I drive to FL a lot, so I always stop both ways at the St. Augustine Outlets (used to be called Prime Outlets) for Gucci, Saks OFF 5th (there's one of these where I live, but it's nowhere as good), Michael Kors, and Lucky Brand. I'm in and out in an hour or two and have a lot of fun/do a lot of damage :biggrin:.
  2. Forever 21
    Urban Outfitters
    Coach outlets

    I also like a few department stores like JCPenney's, Macy's, and Dillard's. I recently took an interest in shopping, so I'm learning to broaden my horizons and find more stores I like.
  3. 1. Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets: (I've gotten $535 Roberto Cavalli (not Just Cavalli) jeans for $60, and a $600 Gucci top for $30!)

    2. Consignment shops, a NYC one that I frequent is A Second Chance Designer Resale

    3. Thrift Stores!

    4. Flea Markets! You would not believe what is hiding at flea markets, and for so much less than even the thrift stores.
  4. Without a doubt, Nordstrom!
  5. J. Crew
    Filene's Basement
    Marshalls and TJ Maxx
    Consignment/Thrift shops
    Nordstrom Rack
    BCBG Max Azria
  6. Nordstrom!
  7. 1/2 of 1/2 store is AMAZING!!
  8. Target, Costco and Nordstrom Rack

    Online: Zappos, Amazon, Gilt, Revolve
  9. Ross!
  10. great!
  11. Love Guess, BEBE and Gucci
  12. My favorite store, based on how often I shop and how much I buy there, is probably Macy's.
  13. I'm from Canada and we have a store called "Winners" which i think is similar to TJ Maxx. Anyways, it's amazing! they have so many designer names marked down 50% or more! I got a badgley mischka bag for $220 that was orginally $545! They also have really nice and cheap tops and dresses, i got a black lace cardigan for $5:graucho: I always tell my friends how awesome winners is and they never believe me:p
  14. Oh there's also this thrift store we have called "value village." I honestly have so much fun whenever i go, you'd actually be suprised by how much great stuff you can find at a thrift store. They have so many cute little vintage clutches and cross body bags and once i got an H&M cardigan for like 3 bucks, BUT i have to warn you that you need lots of patience because you have to really dig deep through the racks to get the really amazing finds
  15. Urban Outfitters!