What is your Favorite Store??

  1. I've been searching for this thread and not sure if this is a dup but really wanted to see where you all are shopping!!! I have found out about soooo many new places and items here on TPF and would love to hear about the hidden treasures and best kept shopping secrets you girls are shopping at!!
  2. tj maxx
  3. Online:
    Revolve Clothing

    Brick & Mortar:
    Nordstrom Rack
    XXI FOREVER (or Forever 21)
  4. Anthropologie
  5. Ditto on TJs and The Rack!!! I love the deals!
  6. Nordstrom rack, Coach Outlet, Neimans last call.
  7. Nordstrom, can't beat the customer service!
  8. Nordstrom, C&C California (online) and American Apparel
  9. Zara. Love it!
  10. online: bergdorf, shopbop, mrsh, J Crew, mytheresa, browns, luisviaroma

    standing stores: nordstrom , nordstrom rack, off 5th saks, DSW, Marshall's,
  11. How cold I forget DSW!!! I find the most AMAZING deals there. I once saw a beautiful pair of red gucci boots there for only $299 but it wasn't in my size. They've got such great sales!
  12. Hmmm. That's a hard one, there's so many stores I love. I'll go for TJ Maxx, Coach outlet and Nordstrom Rack
  13. probably barney's....
  14. so many. . .

    online: eBay + Bonanza! i find so many deals there. (albeit one thing i bought that ended up being fake!)

    stores: NR, Nordstrom, F21, UO, Free People, H&M