what is your favorite site for handbag deals?

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  1. I usually go Ebay

    nice bags on your first site!
  2. I go Ebay too.
  3. As my previous posting suggests, bluefly all the way. I'm way too wary to trust ebay. And I just don't have the patience to sort through all the crap in order to get to the genuine stuff.
  4. I'm afraid to buy bags from Ebay. Especially the ones that I haven't seen in reality.
    I prefer Neiman Marcus, Saks, and yoox because I always can return everything I don't like without any hassle.
  5. I never knew costco had a site for that! how interesting!?
  6. It's my site, of course, but I think that I post fabulous deals that I spot on authentic bags on ebay:
    Handbags: Deals and Steals
    and it's updated daily!!!
  7. Is smartbargains.com any good?
  8. NAP and LVR :yes:
  9. No.
  10. Ladies, if smartbargains.com is no good, why is it still in the 'recommended' list on the top of the forum? I ordered two pairs of Earl jeans from them yesterday...concerned now.
  11. ecthelion, i'm guessing she didn't mean anything other than "do they have good deals on handbags?" :smile: i wouldn't worry!

    cat-miu - what's LVR?? :smile: oooh, LVR = luisaviaroma.com ....got it!
  12. Thanks shoppingsmycard! I'll wait and see what my jeans are like... I was really happy to see that smartbargains.com has the small size jeans I'd been wanting for a long time, and that it's a website recommended by tPF. Hope they won't disppoint me. :smile: