What is your FAVORITE shade of BBag Brown?

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  1. So Brown is my favorite color and if you could only have one Balenciaga - which brown would be your choice and why? Or skip the why and just let me know what you all think about the "browns"?:shame:
  2. 06 marron! I own one and another is on the way! I love this color so much I will have two marrons! a very rich dark brown!
  3. I would have to say either the marron or the chocolate from 05 (cafe is similar enough though).
  4. 05 Chocolate.:love: I am yet to see 07 Cafe IRL but from the pics posted here, it is a lovely shade of brown.
    05 Chocolate.jpg
  5. anything caramel :drool:
  6. my favorite dark brown would be cafe

    as far as the lighter shades go, i really like the 05 caramel color.

    both colors look like delicious candy :yes:
  7. Definitely Chocolate 05. Yummy!
  8. I love the 2004 marron anything....to bad it's near impossible to find that now:crybaby:
  9. Chocolate is my favorite of all time, havent been able to find one in excellent condition. I only have a choc boobie. I now have a Cafe City thats gorgeous, but alas, its still not chocolate.
  10. caramel 2005
  11. Cafe, Truffe and Marron, but not necessarily in that order. Will post my Cafe Besace Messenger which I purchased from Erica as soon as I get my act in gear...:supacool:
  12. Chocolate and Truffle definitely :love:
  13. I :heart: brown bags. I have the A/W 06-truffle and the A/W 05-chocolate. I also like the 04-Marron and the A/W 06-caramel.
  14. Zacorey 03 caramel is my favourite colour !!! :drool: :heart: :drool:
  15. ^^^Thank you myriam!!!:heart: :flowers: :heart: